Associational Leadership Resources

Associational leaders are vital parts of helping churches be safer places. Your role is integral in helping church leaders see the need for starting, securing or improving their current policies to protect the most vulnerable. This may take several forms and will vary based on your associational needs. You are the experts in that regard so take any suggestion on the website merely as such, a suggestion for you to consider within your association. If we can be of any assistance, use the contact page to reach out to the State Board of Missions so that we
might come alongside you in any way you determine beneficial.

If you have been made aware of an abuse claim, visit our reporting page on how and if you must report.

Here are some suggestions for associational leaders as you begin or continue your work in making churches safer:

  • Print out a copy of the Abuse Prevention and Response Guide and have it as a handy resource guide.
  • Host a Sexual Abuse Prevention Symposium for your association. Enlist local leaders (sheriff, district attorney, DHR, local child advocacy center, traumainformed counselor, etc.) for the purpose of understanding the issue of child abuse in your community.
  • Maintain a list of local child abuse prevention and reporting agencies in your community (sheriff, local police, and DHR) and their contact numbers should someone report a case to you.
  • Make sure your churches are aware of resources like MinistrySafe to help your churches receive quality training on how to develop policies, conduct background checks, and implement safeguards to make your churches safer places.
  • Encourage your pastors and churches to thoroughly vet potential pastors and staff members, checking them out criminally, financially, and educationally.
    • Supplements of our guide can also assist with this Supplements 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 07