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Abuse Prevention and Response Guide and Supplements:

Alabama Baptist Abuse Prevention and Response Guide

Resources 1

The complete document organized by the Sexual Abuse Advisory Task Force of the Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions. This document is the equivalent of a paper option of this website and includes all the following supplemental documents. 

Below you will find the individual supplements from this response guide broken down into individual documents.

Individual Supplements

Supplement 01 – Application Helps

A brief guide assisting in writing applications for employment.


Supplement 02 – Background Check Guidelines

What to look for when choosing a background check provider and some assistance on categorizing offenses.


Supplement 03 – Reference Checks

Recommendations on maximizing how to use references to screen candidates.


Supplement 04 – Interview Guidelines

Question ideas and policy commitment suggestions to inform your interview process.


Supplement 05 – Internet and Social Media Checking

Recommendations and considerations on using social media and internet profiles to screen candidates for possible red flags.


Supplement 06 – Domestic Violence Safety Plan

Outline for assisting possible or known persons affected by domestic violence.


Supplement 07 – Sample Authorization and Release Form

A template recommendation for a sample Authorization and Release Form.


Supplement 08 – Helpful Definitions

This supplement is just a collection of helpful definitions for the discussion of abuse at large and with the Abuse Prevention and Response Guide.


Supplement 09 – Survivor Advocacy

Some suggestions to help with perspective when engaging with survivors.


Supplement 10 – Symposium

Recommendations on orchestrating a Sexual Abuse Prevention Symposium in a local Baptist Association.


Creating Your Church Protection Policies

Resource Providers

Resources 2

A close partner of the Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions in preventing child sexual abuse. Their main website is a helpful resource and destination. We also have a partnership page at that helps to provide training for your ministry. 

Resources 3

Brotherhood Mutual is an insurance provider and risk management resource.

Child Safety Resources
Various resources on child and youth safety within a ministry context.

Sample Screening Application 
A screening form example for Children and Youth related volunteers or positions from Brotherhood Mutual. 

Social Media for Ministries
Guide from Brotherhood Mutual on creating a ministry policy on social media use. 

Resources 4

Church Law & Tax is a ministry of Christianity Today. Reducing the Risk is a child sexual abuse awareness program with training resources, videos, and helpful articles. 

Other Plan Examples

Background Check AuthorizationExample of an Authorization for a Background Check Form 

Employee CovenantA sample document to assist in expectations and commitments for relevant parties with a newly called candidate for employment by the church.  

Ministerial Covenant Example Commitment document designed for ministerial commitment to church’s expected code of ethical behavior. 

Sexual Harassment Policy – Example policy on sexual harassment

Computer and Internet Use PolicyA sample policy that would be used in explicitly stating proper conduct on the Internet and computers.

In Depth Policy Examples  

Administrative Guidelines

Other Resources

Child Protective Services FAQs

Sex Offender Database The database is called the Dru Sjodin National Sex Offender database. It is available at, and includes a list of convicted sex offenders nationwide. 

Background Check Vendors


Signs of Child Abuse